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ATTENTION ALL VIRTUAL BRANCH USERS: Be sure to make the necessary update/change to your Logon ID if you're currently using your member number, Social Security number or your e-mail address. Here's how... 1. Log into Virtual Branch using your internet browser (ie- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). 2. On the Overview screen, click on the Padlock icon in the top, right corner of the screen. Click on Change Logon ID from the menu. 3. Input your new Logon ID in both the New Logon ID field and the Verify New Logon ID field. Click OK. 4. Click on Self Service in the blue ribbon at the top of the screen. Click on the Mobile Money link in the Additional Services section. Click OK when the Mobile Banking screen appears. 5. On the My Devices tab, click Go next to each device listed. You will need to confirm this deletion by clicking Yes on the next screen for each device. Click on the X icon (Logout) in the top, right corner to log out of the Virtual Branch. 6. On your mobile device, click on your First Missouri CU app. 7. The app should ask you to input your Logon ID; input your new Logon ID. 8. Input your Security Code when prompted. 9. If/When asked, input the answer to one of your Security Questions. 10. If/When asked, review and accept the Terms & Conditions.

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