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IMPORTANT: Attention ALL Virtual Branch members.

We want to offer you the very best, which is why we will be completing a MAJOR SYSTEM UPGRADE. This overhaul is imperative in allowing us to be more efficient, enhance our product offerings and personalize your experience.

System upgrade checklist

1) RE-ENROLL: You will have to re-enroll in Online Banking when we go live with the new system. It's a brand new system and we do not keep passwords for security reasons.

To enroll you will need the following:

  • member number (5 digit)
  • social security number
  • date of birth
  • email address

2) TRANSFERS: Please do not manually schedule transfers or payments beyond July 15 in our current online banking service. We are not able to convert scheduled and recurring account-to-account transfers and loan payment or account alerts. You will need to set these up in the new online banking system after you have re-enrolled. All online banking member-initiated transfers, payments, alerts and accounts will need to be setup once enrolled into the new online banking

3) E-STATEMENTS: You will not be able to view your previous statements in the new online banking system. We recommend downloading or printing off at least 6 months of your statements to save in case you might need to reference them later.

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