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For security purposes, we will soon be requiring passwords for all transactions not done in person. These would include getting information about your account over the phone (not including ET transactions), a wire transfer not done in person, wanting to fax instructions for a transaction or any other situation that can arise from time to time. You can set up this password through a written letter sent by US Postal Service, in person at a credit union office, or you can send an e-mail through Online Banking only.

Send your e-mail today through Online Banking with your password to be set up on your account!

On 02/13/14, we will upgrade Enhanced Authentication. Beginning on 02/13/14, the image that currently appears above the Security Code will no longer be displayed. After you log on, youwill be prompted to re-enroll in Enhanced Authentication by selecting new security questions and a Security Phrase. After enrollment, when you logon, this phrase will display in the same place as the previous image. For additional details about the change, Click Here.

If you encounter an issue during the logon process, it may be resolved by checking the Browser Checklist.

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