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OPCU will be CLOSED Monday, July 4. enjoy the celebrations!!

WE ARE STILL IN NEED OF ONE MORE EMPLOYEE - Parttime - now just 1 or 2 days a week. If you know of anyone who loves working with people, has had experience with a cash drawer, is looking for just a couple hours per week to suppliment their income, is friendly and dependable, We have the job for that special person!! We will train. Contact the Credit Union - 920-233-3117.

SAVE THE DATES: ANNUAL MEETING May 21 at Delta in Oshkosh AND SHREDDING FEST (For members only) June 4, 8 - 11 AM, at the Oshkosh Corp!!

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: OPECU's MaCard Users may experience denials if they slide their card at at CHIP-CARD READY machine. See CU for further details.

IMPORTANT!!!The FORGOTTEN SECURITY CODE BUTTON BELOW is now WORKING! However, you have only 15 minutes to use it and change it. So if that does not work for you, call OPECU 920-233-3117 during business hours.

IMPORTANT: The only way you can ORDER CHECKS through this site is through the secure email service under the 3rd tab. They can no longer be ordered through our website. Sorry for any inconvenience!!

REMEMBER: Once you sign up for VB - there is a $5 non-user fee if you do not log in/log out at least once per month.

INTERESTED IN PAYING YOUR BILLS ON-LINE??? We have OneClick. Click on the link on the left and take a demo. REMEMBER; YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF VIRTUAL BRANCH (VB) and YOU MUST HAVE A CHECKING ACCOUNT WITH US, before we can accept the application. Eventually, OneClick could be within VB.

TWO REMINDERS: (1) Kwik Cash users: minimum advance is $50. VB DOES NOT SHOW INTEREST DUE;
therefore, sometimes advances may have to be reversed. Also, if you are past due on any loans, even though VB will let you do it, OPECU will reverse the advance. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CURRENT ON ALL LOANS WITH US, including VISA. (2) EVERY WORK DAY, Mon. - Thurs. at 3:30 PM, VB will NOT be available, while we do end of day. Try at 4:30 instead. On Fridays it will be at 4:30 PM - so try after 5:30PM.

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