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We have updated our website online loan application. To send a loan application electronically go to and click on the Credit Application link at the bottom of the screen. It will take you to a Credit Application page. Follow the instructions. Click on the link in Instruction #1 to get the application to appear on the screen. 1. Download the application (click here)* 2. Fill in the application boxes on your computer 3. Print the completed application 4. Sign and Scanthe document to save to your computer (or take a photo of the entire front and back of the application) 5. Submit the application with the form below If you do not have a scanner (Instruction #4), you can take a photo of the entire front/back of the application then send and save it to your computer. Instruction #5 in the FILES box, choose the file you saved to your computer of the application. IMPORTANT: In the password box use 1tcsecu23 as the password. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 309-347-6013.

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