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PLEASE NOTE: Messages sent to TCSECU thru Virtual Branch are generally checked twice daily around 8:00AM and 4:30PM M-F (excluding holidays or days when the office closes early). IF YOU NEED TO REACH THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY OR IF YOU ARE SENDING INFORMATION WITH URGENCY, PLEASE CALL US AT 309-347-6013. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter! LOAN APPLICATION UPLOAD: We have updated our website online loan application. To send a loan application electronically go to and click on the Credit Application link at the bottom of the screen. It will take you to a Credit Application page. Follow the instructions. Click on the link in the Instruction 1 to get the application to appear on the screen. 1. Download the application (click here)* 2. Fill in the application on your computer screen 3. Print the completed application 4. Sign and Scan the document to save to your computer or take a photo of the entire front and back of the application and save the photos to your computer. 5. Submit the application with copies of your last two paystubs and any supporting documents needed for the loan process such as a vehicle purchase order/buyer's order, bills to be paid off with the loan etc. If you do not have a scanner as mentioned in Instruction 4, you can take a photo of the entire front/back of the application then send and save it to your computer. Do the same for any supporting documents and paystubs. Instruction 5 in the FILES box, choose the file you saved to your computer of the application and supporting documents. IMPORTANT: In the password box use 1tcsecu23 as the password. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 309-347-6013.

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